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Whether you are new to the gym or just want to add a workout routine to your day, there are some morning exercise routines for beginners you can try. These exercises can help you improve your muscle tone and increase your energy levels. They can also help with your mood throughout the day. 

Start your morning workout with a range of motion warm-up exercise. These exercises can target the muscle groups you need to work out, such as the hamstrings, quads, and triceps. They can also improve flexibility in your spine. 

You can perform dynamic warm-ups like squats, jump jacks, and arm circles. 

Planking can be a great exercise for strengthening your back muscles. You should use a mat and keep your forearms below your shoulders. You should also perform this exercise with your legs straight. You should do between 15 and 16 reps for each side. This exercise will increase blood flow and warm up your muscles. This can also improve your metabolism, which can increase energy levels throughout the day. It can also strengthen your abdominal muscles, deltoids, and hamstrings. This is especially good for those who spend most of their day sitting at a desk. 

You can also try a variety of dynamic movements like jumping jacks, leg swings, and shoulder rolls. These exercises can improve your body’s flexibility and improve your posture. This can prevent arthritis and other injuries. Some experts recommend doing stretches, including those for the hamstrings, shoulders, and wrists. These exercises can also help with lower back pain.

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