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stomach exercises
  1. Lower Abs

Where to start with the abdominal muscles?

I always start with the lower ab area as it is the least worked area of the abs. I start by doing straight leg raises from side to side about 30 to 40 reps per set. Then I go into flutter kicks making sure the feet are pointing straight out to hit the lower area even harder, again doing around 30 to 40 reps. I always try to concentrate on the working of the muscle I’m training by contracting and squeezing the muscle for a 2 second count. I am also a big believer of focusing and having the muscle in my mind that I am training, visualising how I want it to look in my minds eye.

This has always worked for me.

2. Mid and Upper Section Abs

For the mid and upper abs I do the following. Lie on your back with raised knee’s, feet on the floor and with both arms flat to the floor. I move side to side trying to touch the heels of my feet with my fingertips – again holding for 2 second count for the best contraction, rep range again 30 to 40 reps.

The next exercise I perform with either a weighted gym ball or a kettle bell. Still with my back on the floor with raised knees, I hold the kettle bell in both hands and raise my shoulders off the floor, reaching up as far as my hands can hold the kettle bell upwards above the knee’s. I hold for a 2 second count squeezing and contracting.

3. Russian Twists

My final exercise is the Russian Twist. Seated on the floor moving a weighted gym ball or kettle bell as far round to your side as you can reach, making sure you are looking straight ahead. Don’t move your head. You can do this with legs straight out, feet touching the floor or as you get stronger lifting your feet raised off the ground, for 30 to 40 rep range.


I personally do these exercises for my core 3 times a week. I start with 3 minutes of stretching, then I begin with my ab workout at the beginning of my session.

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