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Personalised Training for Weight Loss and Toning

Losing weight while toning your muscles is not an impossible thing to do but it’s definitely a matter of commitment; you need to be in control of a certain amount of factors in order to responsibly burn fat while gaining muscle mass and tone.

So, if you’re willing to start improving your figure and your health alongside with enhancing your resistance, you better keep reading as we’ll give you some tips for organising and achieving weight-loss and toning without suffering or starving.

Say NO to Starvation!

Stop eating will definitely make you lose weight at the beginning, as your body won’t be receiving the needed nutrients and will start using all its reserves but you will also suffer a lot of secondary effects such as weight regain, fatigue, digestive problems, bad breath, etc.

Instead of starving, change your alimentation for really good and whole foods and make several small meals during the day (5-6), this way you’ll accelerate your metabolism and will grant your body with the right amount of energy, so the extra fat and toxins in your body will be burnt.

Pump Your Muscles with Protein

Consuming good fat and eliminating bad carbs and fats will potentiate your muscle building so nutrition is the first step for losing weight while toning your body. But sometimes, when we lose weight too fast, the body will get rid of some muscle mass in the way so, to recover this lost mass, increase the amount of protein in proportion to the cut carbohydrates.

Water is Essential

As you probably know, our body is 70%-80% water so we need to maintain hydrated for our body to work. When we train, especially when we train to lose weight and tone, our body loses a great amount of water by sweating.

Also, if you drink a cup of warm water with lemon before breakfast, you’ll help your body to dispose of fat and toxins faster. Green tea is an excellent way to hydrate while burning fat. Coffee, soda and processed juices are the worst for hydrating, if you absolutely need coffee, drink just one cup before noon.

Choose HIIT or Integral Multitask Training

Training your muscles separately might work faster for bulking but when it comes to losing weight and toning, it’s best to compromise your whole body; the more muscles you train at a time, the more energy involved and the more hormones you release so the stimulation of the fat burn in your whole body is greater. High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is the best way to achieve this.

Chill and Sleep

Reducing stress and resting properly diminishes the production of a certain hormone called cortisol that slows down the fat burning and affects the muscles tone. So chilling out and having good rest is an essential part of training.

Weight Loss & Toning at the Gym or At Home

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