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We live in a world where we are constantly bombed with all kinds of fast food and “delicious” snacks that we totally normalise as regular food but that actually DON’T nurture our organism.

Actually, the way humanity feeds itself in the actuality is usually very far from being a healthy nutrition and this has repercussions on our performance both physical and mental. That’s why, when a person starts a regular training plan or wants to improve their lifestyle, the first thing they have to check is their feeding and develop a good nutrition for achieving that healthy lifestyle.

What is a Good Nutrition or a Healthy Diet?

A healthy diet is that one that allows you to gain no-more/no-less than all the nutrients you need from a good source. This affects not only your organs and health in general but also your mood and energy.

A healthy diet then consists of eating whole meals that include all kind of food and are low in refined carbohydrates (such as refined sugar) or processed food. So, what a good nutrition aim is to feed you with nutrients that are as close as they’re found in the nature as possible. Of course, this includes eating in regular portions and making several meals at a time, if you only eat one meal a day and fill your plate until you can eat no more, you’re not having a healthy diet at all; timing and portions are as important as the food you eat.

How to Build a Good Nutrition for a Healthy Lifestyle?

Forget about those intense diets that promise you to lose weight in a week and end up unbalancing your system and making you ill or making you regain more weight than you already had. A good dietary plan based on the healthy eating pyramid and must include a balance of nutrients:

  • Protein: the energy to keep going and learn in a good mood.
  • Fat: good fat like the one coming from nuts or avocado is essential for your healthy nutrition discard bad fat such as trans-fat and processed fat and you’ll see a significant difference.
  • Carbohydrates: our main source of energy but it’s ideal to forget about bread or pastries and focus on good carbohydrates such as grains, vegetables, and all “unrefined carbohydrates”.
  • Fiber: the system regulator, consuming fiber makes your digestion right and helps you lose all the extra toxins and fats in your body.