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If you’re the busy kind of person that’s always looking for a fast way to train and are willing to lose fat quickly while toning your body, then you need to try the High-Intensity Interval training (also known as HIIT), a way to take maximum advantage of your time and model your body, improve your health and lose weight in less than 30 minutes.

The best part of this kind of training is that you guarantee that the loss of weight is fat and as it’s intelligently designed to manage the over-training, you won’t be suffering the side effects of the excessive aerobic activity. 

What is HIT cardio and its Benefits?

The High-Intensity Interval training is a system based in combining maximum intensity exercises with minimum intensity exercises in intervals of short series, the minimum intensity exercises work as an activate rest so, for the training to really work you can’t stop moving.

The balance in this training consists in maintaining a constant repetition of this series for a very short period of time, 15-25 mins maximum so your body won’t overdo. This is why this training is so perfect for the busy life because you don’t need to much time or to be in a gym, neither need tools or money; you can practice HIIT in your living room.

The basis of HIIT is that you work up to your maximum heart rate and interval with minimum heart rate but NEVER surpassing the maximum. That’s how you manage to not overtrain, also, this kind of training must be practiced no more than three times a week and the recommendation is to start by once per week if you’re not an athlete.

For knowing the intensity of your workout, first, you need to know your limits so start by measuring your maximum heart rate. For calculating it, just subtract your age to 220 (for men) and 225 (for women). The number resulting is your maximum heart rate and you should work to 80%-90% for the maximum intensity intervals and 50%-60% for active rest intervals.

High Intensity Interval Training Risks

According to the calculation of your maximum heart rate, you can determine the days for practicing HIIT, it’s important that you respect your body and complement the training with the proper alimentation and sleep. Also, the workout must progressive as the brain and organism in general need to adapt to the intense activity, otherwise your body WILL eventually collapse, so don’t take it lightly and DON’T overdo.

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