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The fitness wave that is flooding the internet and gym today has brought countless routines and techniques for working out that comes from both old and new training theories and that have different benefits. One technique that is becoming increasingly popular is the Kettlebell training; it comes from the 18th Century Russian training and it’s proving to be even more effective nowadays. Today we’ll talk about this Kettlebell training and how it works.

What are Kettlebells and Kettlebell Training?

Coming from the 18th Century, Kettlebells were used in farms to measure balance weights, but it quickly escalated and became a discipline appealing enough to make it into circus business. Only the strongest could lift them. Lately, it became a way of training soldier for WWII and so begun the Kettlebell training as a fitness technique.

This round weight with a handle is the best way to balance weight training as the gravity center is on the ball instead of the handle (unlike dumbells) so it promotes a very. Thanks to its shape it also can be gripped in different ways according to different exercises:

  • By the handle for lifting.
  • By the horns for squats and the likes.
  • By the bell for rowing and the likes.

So, Kettlebell training is series of integral exercises for the whole body including the bell. The Kettlebell ranges are from 9 to 105 pounds so it’s perfectly adequate for any training level and ages and the kettlebell training allows you to lose fat while you gain muscle mass.

What are the Benefits of Kettlebell Training?

  • Better results: the Kettlebell counts with a unique structure form that makes some grips harder to control than with a regular dumbbell, it also displaces the gravity center when swinging so the movements are forced to be complete until the lockout. Also, to control the movements you’ll activate your muscles a 30% more than with regular dumbells. This also happens with the core region that has to lock harder in order to prevent torso damage while swinging the bell.
  • Maximum agility: the fact the Kettlebell is constantly moving its gravity center while training, gives you the capacity of dodging, controlling and preventing by improving your reflexes and being able to apply the force needed while moving.
  • Grip strength: we rarely train the muscles of our finger with strength so our grip is normally really weak, the fact the Kettlebell relies on the fingers gives a plus activation to all the muscles around your hand and forearm.
  • Cardiovascular endurance: as the exercises are integrated, they demand whole body movement and therefore work as a strong cardiovascular workout.

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