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As an experienced personal trainer I understand that everyone’s body is unique, responding differently to exercise, training, and diet.

Something very common in people that are new to workout is starting with a heavy routine until they’re burnt out and then abandoning after a few days. Another common situation is that people train for a long time and they not only don’t see results but are always just too fatigued. These are the consequences of working out pass your work capacity levels and those results are called overtraining.

Overtraining is the more contra productive way of losing weight because you’ll lose muscle mass and energy that your body actually needs so you’ll end up burning out your system. The only way to prevent overtraining is by improving your work capacity which is the key factor for building a great train routine.

What is Work Capacity?

Work capacity is the ability our body has to train and perform any exercise in a healthy way, gaining strength and condition instead of eating the muscle and cells of your body. You work capacity is what determines how much exercise you can actually do and the intensity of it.

As any muscle, work capacity depends on how much you use it so a person that has never worked out would have much less WC than a person doing regular exercises. But, also, it can be trained and raised, so you can actually improve your WC in order to also enhance your strength and condition gain.

How to Enhance Your Work Capacity

Our work capacity allows us to recover from activity and the more capacity you have, the less your heart rate will increase when training and the faster it will recover its regular pace. So, enhancing your work capacity will basically allow you to do more exercise without overtraining. Here are some tips to increase your work capacity:

  • Feeder workouts: this kind of workout alternate one day of intense workout in a muscle with another day of the same workout but with a very lightweight. This way you’ll make lactic acid flow from your muscles and blood into your muscles so they’ll recover faster.
  • Capacity workouts: they consist of dragging heavyweight only twice a week for 200mts with little rest in between (30 to 45 seconds)
  • Extra workout for weak points:  this will be a separated workout of your daily routine and will hit the weakest spots of your body, the abs are an excellent muscle to gain strength this way and at the same time you improve your whole’s bodywork capacity.

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