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5 ways to maintain a healthy body

I am in the camp of ‘less is more’ with regard to exercise. It’s all about training smart. It’s not how long you train but how much you put into your workouts.

I would recommend three to four-hour sessions per week. I believe through using core exercises e.g. the 10-30 rep, that’s the rep range that will strengthen your whole body as we age. Stamina is obtained by training the core; too much cardio workouts in my experience takes away levels of testosterone that are vital as we get older. The denser our body muscles are, the more calories we burn.
Nutrition and maintaining a healthy body are all things that I cover in my tailored personal training programs.

1. Give your body healthy fats

There has been a lot of recent information over the last five years on what fats to take and what fats are best for you. I am going to make it personal now I am 53 years young (lol), and through my years of experience, I use the measure by hand method when eating nuts, porridge or any snacks. I also soak my almonds overnight to obtain the full nutrients from them. I have half an avocado every morning after my first glass of water; they are an unbelievable rich source of good fat that the body needs and loves. Recently I have added coconut oil to my eating plan which I take in hot black coffee mid morning and also before a workout, just a heaped teaspoon will do.

2. Eat your eggs

Scrambled, boiled or poached, every day for many years I have eaten two poached eggs on a small slice of brown bread, through the bad press against them and the good press. Eggs are a good source of fats; they contain vitamins and minerals, are rich in iron and selenium and have all nine essential amino acids. And, all for around 77 calories.

3. Hydrate your body

Drink water always. Most people never do. Our bodies need to be topped up regularly throughout the day. Make a mindset change to your daily routine and take a bottle of water with you wherever you go.

Water helps your mind and body function at a higher level. I also believe it contributes to a good solid sleep pattern. Our biggest external organ, the skin, needs water to keep it looking fresh and glowing. Drinking tea and coffee, although containing water they have not the same purity as ordinary water.

4. Get rid of sticky, fuzzy muscles

By stretching, that is how you improve your muscles. Stretching is by far the most important part of my daily routine. It improves your life expectancy, stops your muscle from getting tight and sticky.

My stretching routine has definitely added to the quality of my life and body. Value your body, also look after your spine, I have quarterly checkups on my spine by a chiropractor. The way we live our lives today involves sitting too long e.g. in the car, at work, watching TV, all this puts constant pressure on the spine daily.

5. Start changing

Invest in yourself. Most people generally put themselves last on their list of priorities. They put family, their car, their hobbies, their workplace and their home first, way down the list is themselves, which when you think about it, the better you look after yourselves, the stronger person you become to deal with all the challenges life throws at you. We are all living longer now so we must invest in our bodies to gain a quality life in our old age.

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