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Many personal trainers do not emphasise the importance of stretching. Increasing your flexibility is a key to an overall fitness routine. You should do some stretching exercises every day. They will help you stay healthy, reduce muscle strain, and avoid injury. 

When you are ready to begin stretching, you should start with a slow stretch. You should hold the stretch for 20-30 seconds. It is also important to breathe during the stretch. Breathing will help the muscles relax and increase circulation. 

You should also be careful not to overdo the stretching exercise. If you feel pain during the stretch, stop it immediately. If you continue to feel pain, you should seek help from a physical therapist. Before starting any exercise, it is important to warm up the muscles. 

Some warm-up activities include walking briskly and running in place. Warm-up exercises can also help you achieve a higher heart rate and increase blood flow. These warm-ups can also increase your flexibility. 

If you want to increase your flexibility, you should focus on stretching exercises that are specific to the areas that are tight. For example, if your legs are tight, you should focus on stretches that are geared towards your hamstrings. If your hips are tight, you should focus on stretching exercises that target your hip flexors. You should also avoid bouncing stretches. Bouncy stretches may cause muscle strains, injuries, and other problems. Instead, use deep breathing and gentle stretching. Flexibility training should not be performed before intense weight training. It should also be avoided if you have experienced an injury.  

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